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The EBC Television and Radio Network media group founded in Ireland and now based in the heart of Europe - Brussels. Our coverage is the 28 Countries of the  European Union. We are focused on CHANGE issues and offer CPD learning options to stimulate clients and stakeholders to expand their commercial enterprises and social capital footprints across the European Commission's Mandates.

We stream a 24hr live broadcast and 12 hours dissecting the European Commission's reports as they apply to all the horizons of CHANGE reflected across their social, economic, technological and digital perspectives. 

Watch us and earn CPD ( professional development ) points. Join and subscribe to our talk shows and share your talent and experience!

We share all our recordings and customise spots for social media and we're inviting producers, screenwriters, musicians and the creative communities to submit material so we can promote their talents.


Our aim to help with economic growth for Europe and capture the changes the European Commission provides. EBC is the home to Radio CPD TV and  is the place to watch and listen to  European Sports, Movies, Music, News of Changes, Tourism, New Entertainment and awards and more. 

EBC Studios is a leader in the CPD training development, production and strategic distribution of Change,  entertainment content and is the key content provider for the European Broadcasting Channel.  The studio's current hits include "Radio CPD TV" "European Sports" " and new series do


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We are a live broadcast that reports on Changes and  issues from the  European Commission on a daily basis.


Watch and earn professional development (CPD) points. Or Join providing Democratic Opinion.


Join our talk-show under the topics we offer and earn more points! Let the world know your opinion based on your experience as a novice and experts are welcome on each show.


We share our recordings on live TV and record for social media. 


If you are a producer, screenwriter, musician, or have creative talent, we will promote your talent.  We encourage short pilot series and productions. Term and conditions do apply. 


Our Offices and Locations:

Station Offices,


Dublin Ireland


Fitzwilliam Hall, Fitwillaim Place

Dublin 2


+353 (0)19609113 (Ireland)

Satellite Office


Brussells, Belgium


Rue Belliard 151,
B - 1040 Bruxelles


+32 (0)28810126 (Belgium)


Satelite Office

Los Angels, California


+1 (213) 973-6661



Satellite Office


Roma, Italia



+39 (0)697635007


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