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This is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Do your friends often tell you “You should be on TV!”?,  Do you have an out of the ordinary personality?, Do you have trouble speaking in public? Well .. you are the person we are looking for and you can join our talk shows! We are organizing auditions that will take place on 22  February 2021, from online 

Apply online here 


Simply send us a short video presentation to Don't forget to send to the signed release which you will find on

RADIOCPD. Interviews will not be considered unless signed and returned with a CV.


About us

RadioCPD is a media company based in Belgium and Ireland for 28 Countries, which neutrally disseminates the topics of the European Commission, to support civil and responsible change by motivating European citizens to have a stronger and more informed voice.

RadioCPD is expanding across Europe.

•  to protect democracy from disinformation and all forms of hatred

•  to allow citizens to participate in political debates and raise their awareness on various issues.

•  to educate people about the challenges the EU is facing and prioritize them

•  to improve digital and media literacy,

•  to support professional growth with the accumulation of CPD and CE credit (Continuing        Professional Development) training credits,

•  to support the creative activities of artists by promoting their works through their own channels.

•  to bring awareness to all the topics of the commission and earn CPD points for participation in a standardised, recognised delivery of training only experts, novice and the general public are being interviewed. 



1. You must be at least 18 years of age.

2. You must be an Italian citizen or permanent resident in Italy.

3. You will need to provide proof of identity on the day of the audition.

4. See the Terms and Conditions section which you will find by clicking on the "Terms" link at the bottom of any page after clicking "Apply Now".

4. Sign the release to allow us and third parties to use your content.

5. Remember that your information may be shared with different Seven Studios productions.

6. Prepare your photos or videos.

7. Fill out the application for the hearing entirely

8. Be spontaneous in your presentation and make sure you get our attention.

9. The size of the video file (avi, mov, mp4, wmv) must not exceed 50 MB

10. The maximum length of the video is 3 minutes

Apply online here.

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Our Offices and Locations:

Station Offices,


Dublin Ireland


Fitzwilliam Hall, Fitwillaim Place

Dublin 2


+353 (0)19609113 (Ireland)

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B - 1040 Bruxelles


+32 (0)28810126 (Belgium)


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Satellite Office


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