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Iran sets $150,000 compensation for Ukrainian Airlines victims

Tehran, Iran – Iran’s government has pledged to pay $150,000 to each of the families of the victims of a Ukrainian Airlines flight that was downed by missiles over Tehran almost a year ago.

President Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet approved the sum, or its equivalent in euros, in a meeting on Wednesday, according to a statement published by the presidential office’s department of legal affairs.

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“The compensation will not prevent following up on the judicial aspect of the issue in qualified courts,” the statement said, adding that the funds are ready, but did not provide a specific timeline for the transfer.

The office said the cabinet stressed that the funds must be paid to the families “without any discrimination based on nationality or citizenship, in accordance with the relative and implementable rules of the deceased’s countries”.

The Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, which carried 167 passengers and nine crew members, crashed on January 8 minutes after takeoff, killing all aboard.

After three days, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) admitted that “human error” led to the plane being shot down with two missiles.

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