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New Way Transforming Media TV and Radio Learning

For Release Time 12:00pm

27 May 2021

For Release Time 12:00pm 27 May 2021 Date

RadioCPD TV -a new way to learn. Media TV and Radio are used to gain knowledge, while at the same time earning continuing education credit (CEC) and Continuing Professional Development credit (CPD). Legislation and regulations are the main topics discussed by professionals and anyone who might be interested in expressing an opinion about them. Development Points

Dublin, Ireland, Roma Italia, San Francisco California, Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom— Date:— May 27, 2021, at the press release announcement,

RadioCPD TV announced the immediate availability of the product, enabling the public to book through the website and earn credit for participation. People can express opinions about how they are affected by new legislation and regulations.

The press release about this media company is revolutionising the importance of the media. RadioCPD TV has transformed the learning by offering CE and CPD credits across America and the European Union, while giving up-to-date news on regulations and laws. Credits are awarded for the professional development of professionals and the general public. Not only is RadioCPD TV reporting on regulations straight from the legislation and regulatory bodies, but also awarding educational credit for participating on the TV and Radio. With information sources growing, many Americans and Europeans are seeking first-hand knowledge of what is affecting them. They want a turn to voice their knowledge and opinion. Elle Linklater founder of RadioCPD TV and EBC European broadcasting channel has done just this, and has provided a new way of allowing the radio and TV to give educational credit for expressing ideas and learning in these areas. In an interview with Elle Linklater information is on overload and many channels we view either have miscommunication of what the new laws are or opinions that are censored the fear that the information shared in opinion is taken as news or not shared at all. Elle said that if we take the law from the source and not interpret it but share word for word what it says and allow people have without interpretation in an interview style we encourage professionals and the public to view their opinion on our channel. Now in America and Now more ever so many views are made public with the freedoms of speech without censorship. An interview with the women who is changing the Media in Broadcasting -Never been done before a true visionary for people and putting people first. President of the ebc European Broadcasting Channel, Elle Linklater talks about how People have been her visionary of the new concept of earning CPD and CE points throughout America and Europe for regulatory training through watching and participating retaining information and earning points Netflix style and like an Ellen show where not only real people get the knowledge they get exposure about their knowledge that we help others participate in a real democratic approach without censorship. When asking the question Elle about her vision her eyes filled with enthusiasm and passion-filled the room with energy and passion when she said it was about real down to earth people. People have a right to be heard and to grow. Bringing awareness and sharing knowledge about New Regulations laws made without understanding the real impact it has on the businesses and culture and businesses and people have a race to keep up. Our channel is about real people, real interviews and supporting people where not only do they have a say but earn credit while they learn. I found this really odd having meeting in board rooms, eLearning, podcasts etc where I have been working on change programmes and developing learning programmes for large organisations I asked the question why can't people get credit for watching TV and Radio as it does bring knowledge and I fellow a platform of retaining knowledge of participation where people can do this, gain knowledge, participation and can shine and be part of a process we were designed to provide feedback of option based know current legislations of the positives it has but also look at where it can Improve for responsible change. When asking Elle why focus on the people and what made you feel why not continue working with others.. Getting to know Elle, Her father worked as a steamfitter for a union called Local 38 and her mother was a school teacher then a professor at the university. Elle grew up in a little town on a horse ranch. She said that being a single mother without any support and having two children to raise I did what my parents taught me. Use the tools you have and work to your with and to passion. I started in Ireland and Italy because living in Scotland I was up against Brexit and growing up most of my family friends were either Irish or Italian being in the union it felt more comfortable amongst people who were like family. Not having any family in these cultures really made me feel like they were an extended family. while not being able to leave Europe so my children would stay in contact with their father it made more sense to start a business where people felt like family. It was also my experience in working with multi national companies that the Italian market was always first to want to help in change and to me had shown in these companies very good leadership in change programmes so the first launch was in these. Elle is expanding through 28 countries throughout the European Union, Britain and America. Elle says we are welcoming new talent all the time and would love to hear from anyone who is interested in joining the team.

Pietro Bernini Journalist

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