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Now Is the Time!

Everybody and we do mean everybody- People in the industry and the public’s are enthusiastic about being part of change and making a difference while receiving CPD and CE points and enjoying the Arts!

We are very pleased that the productions and studios are going well; more content in interviews, of music and movies for public listening and viewings are being received and booking up!

The talent we are receiving is amazing!

We are proud to be helping new artists everywhere with exposure. I am honoured to be able to share a wonderful master-piece by Vinceto Broccolo, who has composed and created this breath taking music. As we are in the production mode of RadioCPD TV, we decided to share on a repeat throughout the channel and station while we are working on productions in the studio. We feel blessed to be able to share this master-piece with you. When Speaking with Vinceto Broccolo, he said his inspiration was from his heart and head and both were full of emotion. I can’t help but feel the same when listening to this song.

These songs can be listened to at:

Exercises by Vinceto Broccolo -Another spectacular creation where one is taken into a movie science of challenges in athletics. This piece takes your breath away by the challenges. I can see the movie, the players, the war and the strength this beautiful piece has to offer. The music makes you feel alive ready to fight anything that comes your way. It is though it were a preparation for battle.

Come listen to all of his songs on

These songs can be listened to at:

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