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The Race!

Over 100 Years and Still Making Waves! -How Fast Can You Go?

Tucked away, full of dust, in the corner of an old barn an invention of a 2 stroke engine that helped shaped the world 100 years was discovered. It survived the great depression and WW2 as it was small enough to be tucked away and made of material that wasn’t deemed as useful. This little model 2 stroke engine was made to fetch harvest nuts from an old walnut tree-river going 18 mph. This engine they made more than waves going upriver, to fetch harvest nuts on a favorite walnut tree! It was an inspiration of business and 4 brothers, a brother-in-law, and the collaboration of others in engineering in a change in transportation, recreation and how we live our lives today.

The Johnson brothers began by working toward constructing a 2- cycle outboard motor, which was to travel to a walnut tree up-river. Their first motor they designed was first ultimately used for an airplane engine, which later enabled them to make America’s first monoplane flight. They also strapped a motor to a bicycle as a helper engine. They were instrumental in pushing aviation forward before the Wright Brothers. Little did they know they know that their engineering would be paving the way in transportation, recreation, and transportation today.

Their design and opening of a business didn’t happen overnight. Starting a new business or new concepts takes time and like their motor, you must move fast; sharing ideas is a vital part of building something new, or changing ideas and protecting the ideas is also critical. Even though the Johnson brothers faced 8 years of economic challenges, including the Great Depression, the competitive marketplace competing against other engineers trying to perfect a fast outboard, the (Model T Ford), and unknown attitudes toward new products, their determination made it possible for them to deliver their product to market; it was the sharing of these ideas with the airplane industry, which led to the progress towards modern aviation. This took gumption, resilience, and the belief that they can succeed with all odds facing them.

It takes collaboration as Individuals have different strengths and together can accomplish unimaginable potential; working together on an invention, examining different perspectives, or changing laws can have a huge impact on business and with our lives in general. An example of how collaboration can make dreams become a reality, is how the Johnson brothers worked together to create the Johnsons first outboard motor design. Little did the four brothers Lou, Harry, Julius and Clarance know that their dream traveling up-river, at a whopping 18 miles per hour at the time, would become a leg that revolutionised change for the World! The first spark of their dream ignited a passion, but it was the collaboration and perseverance, that ultimately delivered the most innovative two-stroke design for future boat motors and then motor racing. It also resulted in paving the way for the future designs for aviation.

If you find yourself owning one of these little motors of only 1000 or one of the 7000 it is worth more than a small amount of money. You own an engine that still can work and travel 150 miles for a gallon, a motor and brand that help evolve of aviation, motor-bikes and marine boating today and piece of inspiration of dream.

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The Johnson Brothers pioneering spirit is an ongoing inspiration. After all their challenges their monoplane, they shifted venue and produced the world-famous Johnson Outboard Motors/ Evinrude.

Below is a picture of the first series of, 2-cycle innovative engine, that was the invented by the Johnson Brothers. The actual production of this Johnson Model A began in December 1913, with the help of a college student. Good recommendations spread and 7,000 of the outboard motors went to customers in 1923. Later they were used as a mono-plane engine, for flights happening around the World, for recreation and motor

-boat racing. If you are interested in aviation, boat racing, vintage motors in purchasing this model first series models of the Johnson Brothers motors/ Evinrude, you can purchase a piece of history by contacting us at +353 870556552 or .

Thank you to the contributors Gary Mower, Charlotte Burns, Juliette Burns, Alec Linklater

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